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How Democratizing Embedded Analytics is Changing the BI Game

In a world run on data, analytics has become a fundamental part of everything we do. Embedding widget-level analytics into apps, webpages and tools opens a world of product differentiation, greater product adoption, and improved user experience. But you don't need a data warehouse or a ton of IT or BI resources to implement a best in class embedded analytics solution. With the right tools, you can build flexible data products that don't require additional infrastructure costs or data prep.

In this webcast Aviad Harell, Co-Founder, VP OEM and Field Engineering, Sisense will dive deeper in to:

  • How a single-stack BI architecture will speed time to implementation while saving on hardware and software costs
  • How to define your requirements so your embedded analytics solution scales as your business does
  • A fail-safe implementation strategy for successful implementation of embedded analytics in the minimal amount of time



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