SISENSE CLOSES $80 MILLION INVESTMENT  To Help Businesses Instantly Mashup Data and Embed Insights Everywhere

So, what’s another $80MM mean? It means we are continuing our mission to allow organizations to simplify complex data, mashup everything and embed insights everywhere. 

With this investment we will further enrich our technology, bolster our global presence and dramatically scale our team. 


Online Training:  Sisense Masters Advanced Training

You’re the champions of business intelligence; the power behind the data, the owners of the insights. Take your Sisense knowledge to the next level with these in-depth webinars on Sisense best practices, architecture and administration. Expand your front-end dashboard and visualization skills to distinguish yourself as a Sisense power user.

  • October 9
    Scaling Sisense with Multiple Server Deployment 
  • October 17
    Build and Maintain a Healthy Elasticube Environment 
  • October 29
    Advanced Data Modeling
  • November 14
    Elasticube Performance Optimization 
Sisense Masters Training Day:  New Dates and Locations Released

Sisense Masters Training Day is a one-day, classroom-style, hands-on training designed to take your knowledge of Sisense dashboarding, visualization, architecture and administration to the next level. Basic introduction, knowledge and usage of Sisense is strongly recommended. 

Meet and network other Sisense customers and take home  best practices from the expert Sisense BI Consultant Team. 

    • October 4  
      San Francisco - Hotel Spero, 405 Taylor St
      Dallas - Apex Clearing Offices, 350 N St. Paul Street 
    • October 11 (SOLD OUT)
      Chicago - Apex Clearing Offices, 141 W Jackson Blvd
    • November 5
      Amsterdam - Andaz Hotel, Prinsengracht 587
    • November 7
      London - The Bloomsbury Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell St
    • November 20
      Bangalore - Ritz Carlton Bangalore 


    Sisense Connect:  LEARN. SHARE. NETWORK. INSPIRE.

    At Sisense, we are obsessed with your success and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Through our regional Connect events, we’re committed to engaging you in discussions about the direction of the company and product, connecting you to fellow Sisense customers, and delivering insights about how to get greater impact from your investment in Sisense.

    During the Product Blocks within the agenda, you'll hear developments from Sisense Product Managers, live case studies and best practices from customers and have a unique opportunity to interact with peers.

    Webinar: How to Craft Your Embedded Analytics Go-To-Market Strategy using Best Practices

    Have you considered monetizing actionable insights while delivering incremental value to your customers, and modernizing your brand? In this Webinar we’ll review key things to consider in order to extract that value and maximize ROI.


      Sisense Tips & Tricks: Plugins and Customizations

      You can find some of the coolest, newest and eye catching Tips & Tricks in the Sisense Community. Here are some of the latest plugins and customizations that will make you the dashboard pro!

      Sisense Auto-Play Scatter Chart     Auto-Play Scatter Chart - Play Year over Year for a specific category (dimension) and three data points (xaxis, yaxis and size)

          Points movement over time - Connect points in scatter chart by dimension with a line in chronological order
      BI Best Practices: A Data Analyst’s Guide to Adoption, Successful Rollout, Data Reliability of BI

      This guide describes the delivery of the BI solution throughout various stages in its life cycle including:

      • Change management
      • Successful rollout
      • Data reliability
      • and more...

      We will focus on internal BI solutions for medium-large organizations and will focus on the business aspects of this process rather than the technical ones.


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